Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get Ready for Some Sun!

With the warm weather finally making an appearance here in Vancouver, I was just reviewing some of the natural suncare products I've promoted in previous years.

One is a fun line of hemp products made and sold locally by Serf to Surf - I've yet to try these personally, but for all true beach enthusiasts I think it is definitely worth checking them out:

Premium Hemp Products

 Another  website I like which offers both natural sun care and mosquito protection is
"Mexitan and Tropical Sands suncare products include all natural and biodegradable sunscreen, tanning oil, and moisturizer, with the added protection of green tea. All Tropical Sands sunscreens are eco-friendly, non-allergenic, and chemical-free, even safe for kids. Skedattle mosquito repellent is deet-free and works great too! (Free shipping on all USA orders over $75)." However, it appears that the Canadian website is not currently available, so this one requires shipping in from the USA.

Mexitan Products

A Canadian favourite of mine, offers numerous healthy sunscreen options for all ages, and does include at least one natural insect repellent product (but it is currently out of stock).

I decided to broaden my search for natural (or at least DEET-free insect repellents) to get a better idea of what is available online in Canada, and was pleased to find several on Bullfrog combines both sunscreen and a DEET-free repellent, so is one choice for those who need protection without a lot of fuss.

Then there is Burt's Bees, a product line I always love. This insect repellent combines several essential oils for protection that is almost certainly better-smelling than those other more toxic products!

Consumer reviews are available on most products, so take a look before deciding on a purchase. Remember that by choosing natural, biodegradable, non-toxic skincare, you are protecting not only you and your loved ones, but the environment as well! Now get out there and enjoy the sun! :)

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