Monday, January 9, 2012

Organic & Fair Trade Products for Babies & Moms

Please visit to find natural and organic baby bath products, BPA-free baby bottles, toddler-friendly toothpaste and much more -all with free shipping in Canada!

A growing number of companies are simplifying your search for healthier baby clothes, bedding and other everyday items by producing only non-toxic, natural products - providing worry-free solutions for new moms, as well as wonderful gift ideas. From toxin-free handcrafted furniture to organic cotton or bamboo blankets and clothes, as well as natural skin creams and supplements, browse through some of the healthy options available on sites that offer shipping to Canada and throughout North America, including:

Shipping from the United States to almost anywhere in the world

I'm Organic... Are You? - 486x60
100% certified organic cotton clothing, tote bags, and reusable lunch bags, including a variety of cute green slogans, or put your own logo on these eco-friendly products. Worldwide shipping from the USA.

It is even worth searching mainstream websites such as Amazon - you never know where you might come across something like these cute organic toys! With so many choices that are better for our health and the environment, why not make a habit of it?

Choosing Healthier Products for Your Home

Organic Linens, Natural Cleaning Products, Candles and Morefor body, mind & soul

Once you begin making more conscious choices about food, bath and beauty products, it may come to your attention that other elements of your surroundings could also benefit from a "healthy makeover." My own transition to healthier living has been gradual over the last few years, starting with organic groceries and progressing to more conscious choices in everything from cruelty-free shampoo to less toxic candles. Fortunately I am not alone in seeking more healthy products for personal use and around the home. If you haven't paid much attention to consumer trends lately, you may be surprised to learn about the growing number of organic products and services catering to healthier lifestyles as well as protecting the environment. It's getting easier! I recently picked up some organic cotton pillowcases at Winners, and my local Shoppers Drug Mart has dramatically increased their selection of non-toxic products for the home. From electronics to furniture and toilet bowl cleaner to fresh bouquets, if you are looking for healthier alternatives, they are likely to be found. Explore some of the online choices available, as well as keeping an eye out for more natural products while you are out shopping - you'll be glad you did. - Canada's online drugstore is the online shopping source for that Canadians have been waiting for! An attractive, user-friendly website with a whole section of "green" products, including, for the home: soy candles, non-toxic air fresheners, odour-neutralizing crystals, and cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, floor, upholstery and more.

Some reasons to look for alternatives:In their Chemical Home report, Greenpeace details their findings on toxic chemicals commonly found in house dust and rainwater, as well as their origins in items including:
- children's toys
- children's clothing
- shampoo
- air fresheners
- mattresses
- sports shoes
- perfumes
- vinyl flooring
- electronics
- lipstick
- toothpaste
and their associated health risks, including:
- hormone disruption
- interference with the human immune system
- male and female fertility
- foetal toxicity
- disruption of the endocrine system
- global contamination, even in marine mammals in remote locations
- liver and kidney problems
- disruption of the nervous system
The full report can be viewed at: Greenpeace Chemical Home Report

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? For clean water without heavy bottles and constant trips to the store for refills, Upaya Naturals offers filtration systems for your drinking water (countertop model or with under-sink conversion kit) and shower, (numerous multi-purpose showerhead styles) as well as other products including your own water distiller, and de-chlorination tablets for your bath. Imagine cleaner, healthier water for drinking, cooking, bathing and all your daily needs. International shipping from Canada

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clothing With a Conscience

From new takes on "recycling" to new levels of dedication to organically grown cotton, more and more companies are taking steps in the direction of environmental, social and corporate responsibility, and giving us more numerous choices in healthy, sustainable products for the conscious consumer!

eco friendly clothes
A beautiful, earth-friendly company.Int'l shipping from the USA

In addition to the many other beautiful fair-trade goods available from around the world, we are happy to announce the discovery of kinder alternatives in an increasing variety of fashion choices - from sweatshop-free casual clothing and sportswear to eco-friendly wedding dresses and one-of-a-kind creations using recycled fabric. The controversies surrounding the practices of large corporations in their efforts to find cheap manufacturing solutions has led to an increased public awareness, and a desire to know where our clothes are coming from. Groups such as No Sweat Apparel are making it easier to find the information and alternatives you are looking for in avoiding unfair labour practices and other unethical big-business schemes. Enjoy browsing the growing selection and feel good about what you are wearing!

Own a Classic Littlearth License Plate Purse Today

Littlearth Family of Brands, the most stylish name in eco-fashion. Click Here for License Plate Purses, NFL Purses, and Designer Lines

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Natural Health & Wellness

Herbal supplements and other natural treatments offer many potential health benefits, and are experiencing a major resurgence as people decide to take a more active approach to their personal health and well-being. Such traditional approaches to healing are based on wisdom and formulas that have existed for hundreds and even thousands of years. There are many preventative strategies for health that you may not have considered, including mind-body remedies for stress and natural ways of reducing toxicity - both examples of the hidden causes of illness. Even within strategies for reducing toxicity in the body exist a wide variety of treatment options, from detox diets, to bowel irrigation (this is one treatment I've not been brave enough to try, but I have read about it; see books Tao of Detox, or The Body Ecology Diet, below:) or consider other less-invasive, intriguing options for ridding the body of toxins, such as foot patches. - Canada's online drugstore
For vitamins and herbal supplements, to make sure your loved ones across the country are taking good care of themselves, a full range of detox products, and more!With free shipping in Canada why not check out's natural remedies?

Information and health products that can be used at home are always increasing, making it easier to explore the underlying causes of illness, as well as create treatments that can be used at your convenience. However, it is important to remember that herbal remedies are still medicines, and it is always wise to consult with a professional to ensure you are doing yourself only good and not harm - particularly where serious health issues or potential drug interactions may be of concern. Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopaths, homeopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists all offer alternative methods of treatment and expertise to help you find natural ways to improve and maintain your health.

Whatever form of treatment you choose, it is a good idea to do some reading yourself in order to understand what to expect and look out for. Be an informed consumer! This will also help you know what questions to ask in order to get the most out of your consultation. Even in the mainstream healthcare system, it is best to develop your own wisdom when it comes to taking care of your body (and mind and soul...). Believe it or not, you are the expert when it comes to your own health, life, and experience. No one can monitor your daily activities as well as you. Take advantage of the wealth of information available online, do your research, and be an expert when it comes to healthy living.

Are you concerned about the quality of your drinking water? For clean water without heavy bottles and constant trips to the store for refills, Upaya Naturals offers filtration systems for your drinking water (countertop model or with under-sink conversion kit) and shower, (numerous multi-purpose showerhead styles) as well as other products including your own water distiller, and de-chlorination tablets for your bath. and all your daily needs. Upaya Naturals also offers such specialty detox items as nuclear radiation treatment potassium iodide (emergency use), and infrared heaters which both heat and purify the air in your home! Exciting and inspiring ideas for better health! International shipping from Canada.
Upaya Naturals offers a range of detoxification products, includingAdya Clarity Magnetic Sulfate Minerals -a convenient method of purifying your drinking water on the go.This website also offers an exciting array of organic and wildcrafted herbs and teas, recommended by herbalists for their nourishing tonic properties, including schizandra, astragalus, holy basil and more.Looking for organic silica products? Upaya Naturals has those too!

Gifts That Give More

Donating to Charitable Causes Online, Choosing Gifts that Inspire Healthier, Happier, Lives through Socially and Environmentally Friendly Choices

Gifts With Humanity

If you are looking for gifts for an upcoming shower, wedding, anniversary or other special occasion - here is a perfect solution. Fair Trade gifts offer excellent value and more unique solutions than you'll find at the local department store. And your gift will have greater value in other ways - with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to the men and women around the world who created or produced the gift items, enabling them to overcome the challenges they face in earning a better living for themselves and their families.
Fair Trade, Organic & Green Gifts

The artsciencespirit store at includes books on eco-friendly:
- gardening
- housekeeping
- crafts
- jobs
- weddings
- home design
- landscaping
- recycling

books on organic:
- farming
- body care recipes
- gardening
- foods
- pet food recipes
- Chinese herbs

organic products for sale:teas, coffee, yarn (jute ribbon), baby supplies, pet supplies, as well as a book section on career development:
- entrepreneurship
- social innovation
- green jobs

***Each section is listed as a sub-category from the main Eco-friendly page***

recylced gifts
Cool recycled gift ideas - International shipping

Healthy Foods Online

Good news for those with dietary restrictions such as lactose intolerance, allergies or food sensitivities, or lifestyle choices such as vegan diets: it is no longer necessary to go without the more decadent kinds of treats so coveted by many! It now possible to have your cake and eat it too, with the growing assortment of organic and vegan chocolates, drinks, meal ideas and more available online and elsewhere. No stranger to the challenges of special dietary needs, we appreciate the convenience of finding these specialty items online (in Canada!) and will continue to share our latest discoveries.***Vegan cheeses now available at Upaya Naturals!!! 100% dairy free, no gluten, no casein, no soy and lactose free, 100% organic! - Canada's online drugstore

Not just a drugstore! offers a range of specialty food items, from organic jams, to manuka honey, gluten-free mixes,organic tea, candy, nuts and chocolate,organic rice, rice pasta, beans and more! Free shipping in Canada

Click here to visit U NATURALS - Canada's Raw Vegan Health Store

Upaya Naturals offers an intriguing array of raw, vegan supplements, herbs, and more, including: organic quinoa, Schisandra Berries, vanilla beans; Tulsi (Holy Basil), Stevia leaf powder; camu camu berries; goji berries; acai powder; Maca; Mesquite Meal; Lucumu Powder; raw, organic Cacao beans; raw, organic peanuts; Yacon syrup; Agave nectar; Nama Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce, organic); Tamari (gluten-free, kosher, organic); freeze-dried sprout powders - most are certified organic, with a few wildcrafted exceptions.

Upaya Naturals also offers a full range of ingredients, juicers and blenders for making your own organic juices and smoothies.

Interested in trying the Body Ecology Diet but not sure how to get started? The following certified organic foods recommended in the book are also conveniently available online at Upaya Naturals:Dulse Granules or Whole Leaf; Kelp Granules or Whole Leaf; Nori Sheets; Agar Agar; Buckwheat; Pumpkin Seeds; Quinoa; Olive Oil; Coconut Oil; Almonds;Sauerkraut (raw, unpasteurized, certified organic); Stevia Leaf Powder; Dried Shiitake Mushrooms.They also have raw vegetable crackers (dehydrated); candies made from birch; raw salad dressings; kale chips; trail mix; assorted nut butters, and other organic treats you may want to incorporate into your diet, as your digestion allows. You may also want to take a look at Upaya's recipes for making your own cleansing teas.

I have shopped at both and Upaya Naturals and enjoyed a trouble-free online shopping experience in both cases. I highly recommend these online Canadian businesses and look forward to being a customer there again soon :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Evolving Self

What better time than the beginning of a new year to revisit a favourite book - The Evolving Self by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I was introduced to his theory of "Flow" in a university class (The Anthropology of Play) many years ago, and continued to incorporate his concepts throughout the rest of my academic studies. On a personal level his writings resonate strongly, including his discussion of "entropy" (which he describes as "the state of confusion and inability to act that occurs in consciousness when one's goals are frustrated, and the consequent negative emotions one feels.") I was reminded of this kind of entropy over Christmas, when instead of enjoying the time off as I had anticipated, I found myself slipping into an emotional abyss, ruminating about things like problems in my relationship, and financial challenges, instead of being thankful for all that I do have, and using the time in more productive and enjoyable ways. What is it that makes us turn negative? Czikszentmihalyi discusses the mechanics of the mind that create this tendency, as well as our innate need for complexity and growth, and how developing these capacities are a necessity on both an individual and societal level if we are to further "evolve."
We need balance. We need both challenges and successes. I would say it's sadly obvious that in general, as individuals and as a society we are quite badly off-balance. Overwork, stress, long hours on computers or in front of televisions... And I too well understand how difficult it is to maintain any balance when, by the end of the day, after work, commute, meal preparation and other chores - and hopefully some quality time with family or friends - it is often impossible to do anything other than collapse in exhaustion in the hopes of resting adequately to be able to do it all again tomorrow. I get so frustrated with this life. Add to the mix any kind of health problem - especially the chronic kind - and all hopes for further "evolving" feel pretty much shot. So, we live for the weekend, the next vacation, or finally retirement - but as my recent experience proved, often these breaks from routine are not able to provide the renewal or the escape we desire - leaving us feeling like even more of a failure.
Wow! What a negative perspective! And so I spend years studying psychology, sociology, spirituality trying to figure it all out; I think maybe it's because I'm creative, or a Capricorn, or a depressed/anxious personality type; too highly sensitive; too introverted; or just born into the wrong culture/time in history etc etc. Perhaps it is a combination of all of the above. I think that life as we know it has become so unnatural that it excuses the need for antidepressants or natural medications to try to help us get back on track and tolerate our daily realities. I understand better why people depend on alcohol and other substances to numb or escape themselves. There are periods of time where I really do give up and just keep my nose to the grindstone, when it seems the only thing to do is keep moving forward, even if it feels more like walking on a treadmill, going nowhere.
What a relief to occasionally pull myself out of the stupor, and delve back into something as refreshing and inspiring as a book that reminds us of our potential - our duty even - to progress and grow into something more.