Monday, January 9, 2012

Organic & Fair Trade Products for Babies & Moms

Please visit to find natural and organic baby bath products, BPA-free baby bottles, toddler-friendly toothpaste and much more -all with free shipping in Canada!

A growing number of companies are simplifying your search for healthier baby clothes, bedding and other everyday items by producing only non-toxic, natural products - providing worry-free solutions for new moms, as well as wonderful gift ideas. From toxin-free handcrafted furniture to organic cotton or bamboo blankets and clothes, as well as natural skin creams and supplements, browse through some of the healthy options available on sites that offer shipping to Canada and throughout North America, including:

Shipping from the United States to almost anywhere in the world

I'm Organic... Are You? - 486x60
100% certified organic cotton clothing, tote bags, and reusable lunch bags, including a variety of cute green slogans, or put your own logo on these eco-friendly products. Worldwide shipping from the USA.

It is even worth searching mainstream websites such as Amazon - you never know where you might come across something like these cute organic toys! With so many choices that are better for our health and the environment, why not make a habit of it?

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