Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clothing With a Conscience

From new takes on "recycling" to new levels of dedication to organically grown cotton, more and more companies are taking steps in the direction of environmental, social and corporate responsibility, and giving us more numerous choices in healthy, sustainable products for the conscious consumer!

eco friendly clothes
A beautiful, earth-friendly company.Int'l shipping from the USA

In addition to the many other beautiful fair-trade goods available from around the world, we are happy to announce the discovery of kinder alternatives in an increasing variety of fashion choices - from sweatshop-free casual clothing and sportswear to eco-friendly wedding dresses and one-of-a-kind creations using recycled fabric. The controversies surrounding the practices of large corporations in their efforts to find cheap manufacturing solutions has led to an increased public awareness, and a desire to know where our clothes are coming from. Groups such as No Sweat Apparel are making it easier to find the information and alternatives you are looking for in avoiding unfair labour practices and other unethical big-business schemes. Enjoy browsing the growing selection and feel good about what you are wearing!

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