Monday, January 9, 2012

Choosing Healthier Products for Your Home

Organic Linens, Natural Cleaning Products, Candles and Morefor body, mind & soul

Once you begin making more conscious choices about food, bath and beauty products, it may come to your attention that other elements of your surroundings could also benefit from a "healthy makeover." My own transition to healthier living has been gradual over the last few years, starting with organic groceries and progressing to more conscious choices in everything from cruelty-free shampoo to less toxic candles. Fortunately I am not alone in seeking more healthy products for personal use and around the home. If you haven't paid much attention to consumer trends lately, you may be surprised to learn about the growing number of organic products and services catering to healthier lifestyles as well as protecting the environment. It's getting easier! I recently picked up some organic cotton pillowcases at Winners, and my local Shoppers Drug Mart has dramatically increased their selection of non-toxic products for the home. From electronics to furniture and toilet bowl cleaner to fresh bouquets, if you are looking for healthier alternatives, they are likely to be found. Explore some of the online choices available, as well as keeping an eye out for more natural products while you are out shopping - you'll be glad you did. - Canada's online drugstore is the online shopping source for that Canadians have been waiting for! An attractive, user-friendly website with a whole section of "green" products, including, for the home: soy candles, non-toxic air fresheners, odour-neutralizing crystals, and cleaners for bathroom, kitchen, floor, upholstery and more.

Some reasons to look for alternatives:In their Chemical Home report, Greenpeace details their findings on toxic chemicals commonly found in house dust and rainwater, as well as their origins in items including:
- children's toys
- children's clothing
- shampoo
- air fresheners
- mattresses
- sports shoes
- perfumes
- vinyl flooring
- electronics
- lipstick
- toothpaste
and their associated health risks, including:
- hormone disruption
- interference with the human immune system
- male and female fertility
- foetal toxicity
- disruption of the endocrine system
- global contamination, even in marine mammals in remote locations
- liver and kidney problems
- disruption of the nervous system
The full report can be viewed at: Greenpeace Chemical Home Report

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