Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creative Gift Ideas

Pink Bud Necklace
Pink Bud Necklace by artsciencespirit
Design your own photo necklace online at Zazzle.

Customizing your party invitations, bridal party gifts, and thank you notes is a fun way to incorporate a theme into your special occasions. Websites such as Zazzle make it easy to do, and give you the choice to either support the work of independent artists, or create your own designs.

Simple Things Cards
Simple Things Cards by artsciencespirit
View other Shoe Cards

I theme I personally love is "fairy tales." From tiny ornate shoes reminiscent of Cinderella, to cottage windows, or frogs awaiting the kiss that will return them to their rightful place in the palace, I like to create images that remind us of childhood stories and universal themes. 

Fountain Frog Keychain
Fountain Frog Keychain by artsciencespirit
Create your own photo keychains from Zazzle.

Whether you are hosting a themed event, or just looking for a unique gift idea, why not browse the phenomenal pool of creativity on sites such as Zazzle? Get inspired: the possibilities are endless! :)

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