Friday, June 12, 2009


What's the story behind artsciencespirit?
Artsciencespirit is a quest. It is the journey each one of us takes in: the pursuit of meaning and knowledge in our lives, the attempt to become all we can be, getting to know the Self, and relating to others and the world. It is seeking the balance between body, mind and soul, in order to become whole.
The beginning of the way, the birth of a dream and making changes...

Artsciencespirit was born a few years ago, out of the need to personalize and integrate the theories and philosophies I was reading about, and the ever-present knowing that life needed to change and grow. Influenced by writings such as Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, theosophy, Kandinsky and others on spirituality and art, I was becoming increasingly clear on the need for a balance in life of the various vital forces. Art, Science, Spirit, or Body, Mind and Soul.. if we become out of balance, life can't stay on course.

Following some major life changes, I am still trying to redesign life as I want to live it, connect with passion and purpose, and do some good in the world.
Change can be scary. Life can seem hard. But it is bigger than our individual fears, our self-imposed limitations, our sometimes self-centered views... The direction I am taking in my personal life is mirrored and expanded in, with steps towards healthier, more conscious living and a concern for others, including the precious natural world that is suffering so much from our negligence. For myself this means making a switch or two: towards buying organic products; cutting back on sugar, caffeine and meat; going cruelty-free; caring more about the bigger picture and the consequences of our actions. I am exploring natural solutions for anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and fatigue; I intend to develop some form of meditation practice (this time I mean it!). I am interested in methods for opening the chakras and working with energies. I am determined to overcome my habitual negative thought patterns and the resulting life patterns I create again and again.
Let's create something better! For now, thanks for visiting and I hope you find some beauty in your day :)

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