Monday, August 3, 2009

The Gnostic

The first Gnostic class I attended was during my first trip to Colombia. The presentation was given in Spanish, with the friend I went with translating for me - and we were virtually the only people there that day. However, I knew immediately that gnosticism was going to be a good fit for me, as that instructor wrote (roughly translated): Gnosis - knowledge of science, art, mystic, philosophy. It was a little like leaping into another dimension and having someone dictate my own theory of art-science-spirit to me, several years after I had developed it myself. More recently I was excited to discover a gnostic group operating locally and signed up for a 9-week yoga and meditation class, though not at all sure my work schedule would permit me to attend all sessions. So far I have made it to one out of two classes, but have followed along as the instructors email out the week's goals, practices and readings. My Colombian gnostic friend hurt my feelings by laughing at my excuses for not being able to go as we corresponded via msn this evening, but he's probably right. You see, Gnosticism is based on each person's spiritual experience, and therefore the development of knowledge - "knowing" - Gnosis. While my excuses for not going seem real enough to me (having just spent two consecutive days in bed with headache and body pain; a conflicting work schedule) - if my truest desire is to overcome the obstacles in my life you would think I could put a little more effort into it. True also that I do not really like attending group activities and would rather stay home and read - perhaps the very nature of the challenge is to do something uncomfortable and accelerate learning by being more active. This week's readings were about learning to observe ourselves as a first step towards eliminating those inner egos or selves that are prohibiting our true spiritual growth. Believe me, this is a tricky business indeed. Even though I have been slowly working towards formatting this kind of a life-framework in recent years, I still spend at least 99% of my time completely unconscious of the deeper meaning of life, tossed about by dramas each step of the way. In spite of my artsciencespirit philosophy I have sadly neglected my spiritual side - no surprise then that I feel quite hopelessly lost in terms of a life path and purpose at this point. The excuses come so easily!! But the more we identify with all those little inner selves, the more impossible it is to create lasting change and discover our greater truth - our Essence. I will see what I can do about attending tomorrow evening's class, or at the very least try to fit in the daily prayer and meditation exercises. I know that what I get out of the experience depends on what I put into it. For more information on the Gnostic path try visiting - it is quite possible that you will find a free class in your area.

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