Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Healthier Choices: Natural & Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care

What is beauty? We are constantly bombarded by unattainable ideals in the media and it is easy to buy into the idea of pursuing beauty at any cost. But there are many other things to consider - what about all the invisible elements associated with the products we buy and use? What is the true cost of that beauty? Who is really benefiting, and is anyone suffering as a result? Where do those products end up when they wash down the drain? What kind of waste is involved? And what else do the manufacturers believe in? Do they contribute to social and environmental causes? Healthier choices in skincare can have more far-ranging benefits than you immediately see. Artsciencespirit is here to bring you alternatives in health and beauty. We focus on natural and organic cosmetics and skin care available to Canadians - because we are Canadian :) We still have some distance to go - but the good news is that our choices in healthier, non-toxic and cruelty-free cosmetics are increasing all the time.

Visit Well.ca's Green & Natural section for top organic skin care brands including alba, Aubrey, Avalon, & much more. Well.ca also has all-natural soaps, candles and perfumes by Pacifica and ships from Canada!
Well.ca - Canada's online drugstore

FACES Organic Skin Care
Lavera has warehouses in both Canada and the USA - free shipping is availablewithin each country:on orders over $50 in the US andorders over $75 in Canada.

The Most Coveted Lines in Beauty at Apothica.com
Apothica.comInternational shipping from the United States
Dark Chocolate Mocha Body Cream (100% Pure); Icelandic Moonflower Cleansing Body Wash (Red Flower); Italian Tangelo Candles (Voluspa); Thermal Spring Bath Salts (Kneipp) and so much more - Apothica offers  high end products for skin, hair, bath and home. Product ingredients are listed along with customer reviews. Some products available only in-store, and not all 100% organic so read individual product descriptions carefully.

Organic detox formulas; all-organic skin care by Kimberly Sayer; organic herbal shampoos by Dr. Christopher; organic body lotions, butters and oils; weight loss productsand moreALL natural & organic
Ships internationally from the United States

Some things to watch out for: Organizations such as Greenpeace have been striving to bring dangerous ingredients to public attention in recent years. The top causes for concern in cosmetics, household items, clothing and more are outlined in detail: Greenpeace's Chemical Homes report, second edition - released February, 2007View the Greenpeace report here.Not discussed in depth on the Greenpeace page is another class of common ingredients/preservatives called parabens. Although still disputed by the FDA, parabens are believed by some to play a role in illnesses including breast cancer, so you may choose to put these on your list of things to avoid.

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