Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Life-Changing Booklist

Recommended Reading: Alternative Health, Self-Help, Spirituality, Esoterica & More!

Power Vs Force, by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.An extraordinary book that quantifies "levels of consciousness" in ways I have never previously seen. Through extensive study and practice utilizing the techniques of kinesiology, Dr. Hawkins explores our innate human ability to detect the truth using nothing more than our shared human consciousness. An amazing fusion of science and spirituality on an individual and global scale.

A Course in Miracles, by Foundation for Inner PeaceAnother take on ego vs. spirit. One of the first "channelled" books I was exposed to, The Course is at times a little odd, and frequently challenging. However, the truths that can be gleaned from its pages have inspired the teachings of such writers as Marianne Williamson. If you want a chance to study the original yourself, this is it. Includes 365 lessons, manual for teachers and workbook for students.

The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel RuizAnother gem in his series of Toltec wisdom books. In his personable first-person style, The Voice of Knowledge discusses all the "knowledge" we accumulate over a lifetime, but how this frequently involves the incorporation of so many lies, false beliefs, and other people's "stuff". It is therefore essential that we learn to distinguish between the voices in our heads, and rediscover our deeper, quieter way of truly "knowing."

Sacred Contracts, by Caroline MyssSteeped in mythology, this book discusses life as a journey or series of learning experiences, along which we enter into sacred contracts - our primary contract or reason for being, as well as the contracts we make with the significant others we encounter along the way. Includes a detailed exercise for identifying your primary archetypes and "casting your archetypal wheel" (including a review of the chakra system) - a truly enlightening experience for furthering your process of self-discovery.

The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak ChopraA look at meaningful coincidences or synchronicities and how to benefit more fully from this type of experience. Includes a series of exercises with meditation instructions including sutras and mantras. We are guided through the process of discovering our personal archetypes, exploring the power of attention/intention, and "the underlying field of infinite possibilities" which connects us all. Beautifully written, 'The ultimate goal of synchrodestiny is to expand your consciousness and open a doorway to enlightenment' (p. 260).

A Return to Love, by Marianne WilliamsonMarianne's reflections on A Course in Miracles make the original easier to "digest" and her down-to-earth, personal words are always inspiring. The central theme is about how every decision we make, every encounter we have centers around a choice between love and fear. Let her words guide you through the process of changing your thought patterns, letting in a little more love, and giving in return.

The Mastery of Love, by Don Miguel RuizA beautiful look at love, incorporating valuable themes from his other books, including: love vs. fear, personal accountability, mind/body confusion, and learning to let go of all the things that limit us and our personal relationships.

Beauty, by John O'DonohueI have found that books by this author make lovely gifts, as his style is gentle, poetic yet easy to grasp. Beauty is a reminder to cherish all things beautiful, from the power of imagination, to the grace of love, to the uniqueness of nature's rich colours. Filled with beautiful and inspiring quotes and insightful musings, this book is a valuable ode to the wonders that are all too often overlooked in our busy lives.

The Mindbody Prescription, by John E. SarnoThe descriptions included on the cover include words such as "groundbreaking," "controversial," and should probably include "life-changing." A pioneer in the growing mindbody approach to treating physical ailments, Dr. Sarno discusses his theories on the causes of the "pain epidemic" so prevalent today. Although none of us wants to hear that our pain is all in our heads, it may be worth a closer look - the good news is that there is hope for  the treatment of chronic pain, and it may be easier than you think.

The Power of Now, by Eckhart TolleWritten in question and answer format, this book offers valuable insights and tips for overcoming the overidentification of the Self with the mind or body; transcending ego boundaries to reach the inner source of wisdom and peace - living fully and consciously in the "Now." Conversational tone makes it easy to read, with helpful discussion of topics including love, pain, addiction, relationship, and more. Includes meditation instruction.

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel RuizWriting based on ancient shamanic wisdom of the Toltecs. Simple yet profound rules to live by, written in an enjoyable and accessible style. Learn to transcend life's daily drama, find your personal truth, identify and overcome improper use of emotional energy and free yourself from incorrect perceptions - individual and shared.

The Secret Doctrine by H.P. BlavatskyHere's one I'd love to revisit. I borrowed a dusty old copy from a library once many years ago and can just barely recall fragments now; but what I remember is that it was a deeply esoteric and fascinating glimpse into lives that were vastly different from our daily realities - yet all woven together by cosmic truths and universal laws...

Science of Mind, by Ernest HolmesThis is a classic, and a must-have for anyone trying to figure out and make sense of life; universal law; and how to achieve all that we are capable of. This came way before "The Secret" and is essentially a handbook for living more consciously and effectively. A real "mind-opener!"

Transformed Lives by Joseph DunnUnbelievable as it may be, this has been my first (and recent) introduction to the teachings of Edgar Cayce - it seems almost insane that I didn't discover them until now! Cayce's material covers natural health remedies, future predictions, and countless psychic readings that helped improve the lives of thousands... I'm eager and curious to read more, to say the least! Stay tuned... :))

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