Sunday, October 10, 2010

more than a year in the void?

Has it really been so long since I've left a post here? Where does time go? I feel like there is almost nothing to report, but I hope that is not true! At the same time, I am still encountering the same stumbling blocks along the "road to enlightenment..." Financial setbacks, health issues, relationship dead-ends... Strange, isn't it? Well, it is one more year between me and divorce... one year closer to... I'm not sure. But it is Thanksgiving once again, and I am still thankful. My website is currently out-of-order due to the latest financial pitfalls but will hopefully be up again soon. I had enough money to buy a load of groceries this weekend and cook for my friends (two of whom are also celebrating birthdays this month, my dear Libras). I am cheered by my own horoscopes which verify this past while as having been a difficult time for Capricorns in general, at least I'm not alone? Be thankful people, for things are rarely as bad as we imagine, and do what you can for those whose suffering is greater than your own. Peace and Love...

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